Curved modern staircase
Mediahuis, Antwerpen [BE]

Mediahuis, Antwerpen [BE]

EeStairs + ELD Partnership

Media business, Mediahuis required a contemporary staircase for its new office space in Antwerp.

The helical design of the staircase provides a journey on which users rotate more than 360 degrees, allowing them to appreciate every aspect of the space around them.

The outside of the staircase boasts a bold white finish that emphasises the curved shape of the staircase. The inside of the stair features treads finished with timber and an inner balustrade, which makes it look as though the inner section of the staircase had been laid down in the white outer structure.

The underside of the staircase features EeStairs’ innovative EeSoffit finish, offering an attractive surface that will not diminish over time.

Old and new have been brought together by a helical staircase which transfers the sense of community between the different parts of the building,

Geert De Clerk, ELD Partnership

Photography Hans Morren