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Renovation? It’s full of surprises!

As you’ll see when you scroll down, there’s nothing dull about renovation projects involving our stairs. When we make and install new stairs in an existing building, or a building of historic importance, we strive to deliver perfectly made stairs that either preserve the original character of the architecture, or add something truly surprising.

Historic building gets a new twist

The elegant Bentinck House in the Hague, Netherlands, was built in the 18th and 19th centuries, and much of its original fabric is sacrosanct. We made and installed a grand spiral staircase linking five levels, and the challenge was getting big sections of the stairs through narrow streets, into the building, and then reconnecting the sections with geometric precision. Looks effortless, doesn’t it?


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A beautiful addition in St Tropez

When the noted interior designer Peter Mikic imagined the new staircase at an historic property near St Tropez, he really went for it. The staircase rises from the entrance hall in a delightfully languid asymmetric ‘turn’ which shows off the polished plaster and marble surfaces perfectly. And, as you can see, there is no clash between the original architecture and the contemporary luxe of the stairs.


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Problem solved, 44 times!

Designing student accommodation in existing buildings is a real challenge. You can’t just renovate what exists, obviously. In the case of the transformation of the 1920s Anatomy Building at Leiden University in the Netherlands, mezzanine levels were added to 44 existing high-ceilinged rooms. And the levels were connected, using as little floor space as possible. The solution was simple: we installed 44 of EeStairs’ unique and visually striking 1m2™ stairs.


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A triumph near the Triomphe

In Paris, the streets near the Arc de Triomphe are among the most historic in the city. We made these stairs for offices in the Rue de Tilsitt, and it was crucial that the staircase was as elegantly made as the floors they connected. Which meant that the soffit had to be absolutely smooth. For us, the solution was straightforward: we used our EeSoffit™ system. Flawless, isn’t it?


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Going up, stylishly, in New York

Greenwich Village is one of the hippest neighbourhoods in New York. So when this apartment was renovated, Robert Kahn’s interior design was suitably quirky and stylish. And the staircase, rising around a thick central column is the focal-point. For us, the key challenge was to connect the balustrade to the steps without visible welds to ensure that the monochrome stair structure delivered a really crisp graphic punch.


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Making a modern point in Poincaré

Sometimes, spaces in an historic building allow designers to insert something radical. This was certainly the case in an apartment in the Avenue Raymond Poincaré in Paris. The designer knew about the organic Cells™ balustrade system invented by EeStairs, and went for a boldly ‘open’ pattern. The result? Stairs that add a bit of 21st century panache to a 19th century space.


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