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These stairs should be in an art gallery!

We’ve made hundreds of feature stairs, and they all have the qualities that have made EeStairs the go-to specialists for many leading architects and designers in Europe, Asia and North America. Geometric precision. Perfectly smooth soffits and surfaces. Highly crafted materials and refined details. Beauty, in other words.


Sometimes, though, we make and install a staircase and – very proudly! – we think: these stairs are a work of art, and they’d look great in an art gallery or design museum.


Stairs like these...

How about this for a new angle?

These stairs at the headquarters of the Bata shoe company in Ontario, Canada, unfold in a way that recalls some of the unusual geometries seen in the Constructivist and Cubist art of the early 20th century. We think of the staircase as a sculpture with steps.


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The art of patterns

The Cells™ balustrade of this staircase in a home at Le Havre, France, turns geometry into an organic artwork. The flowing pattern is composed of computer-generated Voroni cells. Designers or private clients can choose polygons, bubbles, and other types of cells – and no two Cells™ balustrades are the same. Which means they’re all unique.


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Iconic stairs for an iconic museum

London’s V&A Museum hosts world-class art and design exhibitions, and the staircase for the museum’s Sainsbury Gallery, designed by A_LA, is literally an exhibit of both art and design. The complex geometry, mixture of materials, and the way light and shadow pass across the steps, landings, and balustrades add to the visual drama of the staircase.


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The leaning balustrades of Antwerp!

We’ve made stairs for some of the world’s most art-sensitive architects – and none more so than Zaha Hadid Architects, whose design ideas originated in early Russian modern art. So when the practice asked us to make and install glass balustrades at the Havenhuis in Antwerp, we knew they’d be unusual. They’re the balustrade equivalent of the leaning tower of Pisa.


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A new twist on museum stairs

A popular museum in Utrecht required a staircase connecting the first floor to the ground floor’s gift shop area, in a space which was once a chapel. Constructed from laser cut mild steel, the helical staircase’s balustrade is finished in white while its treads are formed from timber.


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And PS: Here’s our newest colour for 2022

We call this unique new powdercoating Bronze Diamond Dust. And as you can see on our 1m2™ stairs, the colour tone and metallic sheen is unique – a super-cool design statement for 2022 that makes these incredibly compact, space-saving stairs a focal-point even in the tightest spaces.


More on the 1m2 staircase

Stairway to Innovation — Live Facility Tour

Especially for the North American Architects; book an online live video tour showing our fabrication facility in North America, where you can see exactly how we turn stairs into works of art!


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