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'The details are not the details, they make the design'

We’ve made and installed hundreds of feature staircases in Europe, the UK, and North America, and many of them have highly dramatic forms. It’s usually the balustrades or soffits that create the first visual impact. But as the American designer and architect Charles Eames said: "The details are not the details, they make the design." And, in staircase design, handrails are arguably the most vital detail. 

Fashion and staircase in perfect harmony

The staircase we made for the ultra-chic Tara Jarmon boutique in Paris had to be as stylish and perfectly made as the clothes and accessories around it. The glass balustrades made the white-painted handrails a highly visible feature, and they follow the unusual angles of the stringers as perfectly as a Tara Jarmon seam.


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4 storeys of craftsmanship

The four-storey staircase inside the historic Bentinck building in The Hague, Holland, is undoubtedly one of the finest helical staircases we’ve ever made. The geometric accuracy of the outer balustrade and the super-smooth EeSoffit™ is obvious. But what really accentuates the geometry is the way the handrails cap the top edge of the wooden inner balustrade.


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A handrail-slot double act

The unusual geometry of this staircase at the French headquarters of Novartis is highly original. So are the perfectly crafted wood surfaces. But the one thing that accentuates the geometry and materiality are the precisely accurate lines of the handrail and the slot in the outer balustrade.


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A warm touch at a top hotel

When you look at this staircase and landing at the luxurious One Blackfriars hotel, London, the word ‘warm’ comes to mind. The warm gold finish of the balusters. The warm colour of the wooden treads and risers. And warmest of all? The beautifully grained handrails.


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How beautiful can detail be?

The apartments above the upscale Toison d’Or shopping centre in Brussels have an elegant staircase designed by a leading international architectural practice, UNStudio. Their attention to detail is superb – and nowhere more so than in the design of the graceful Y-shaped balusters that hold up the handrails.


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Cool workplace, cool handrails

The White Collar Factory is one of the trendiest business buildings in London – a place designed to help workers think outside the box. The architect, HLW, created interiors that have a hang-loose vibe – which even applies to the stairs! And as you can see, the design of the handrails is a key part of that effect.


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And let’s not forget who made these handrails!

As you can see from these images, EeStairs handrails are made by craftsmen. Geometry and details always look perfect in drawings or on screen. But only the highest skills will actually bring them to life.

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