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Stepping up to luxury retail in style

The very finest retail experiences are never accidental. They’re designed and crafted in great detail to ensure that the products on show have a truly memorable setting. Often, the centerpiece of luxurious shopping interiors is a stunning staircase that is not only functional but beautiful. Beautiful to look at, beautiful to use – and a significant contributor to brand experiences.

Stretching gracefully in New York

In New York’s Time Warner Center, the trendy Lululemon leisurewear store wanted a feature staircase that supported the idea of graceful exercise. We converted BKA Architect’s design concept into precise stair production drawings.The key components are the S-shape of the staircase with curving open-weave wooden outer balustrades and refined details such as sandblasted steel stringers, walnut treads and railing, and a laminated glass inner balustrade. Visually, this staircase is like having a really comfortable stretch!


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These stairs are a perfect fit

Shoe retailer Shuz by Schmit needed a staircase at their Veenendaal store in Holland. The answer was a white-painted steel helical staircase with glass balustrading and stone treads that match the shop’s flooring. The key design issue here was to create a pure, perfectly smooth soffit and stringers to emphasise the cool minimalist vibe of the space.


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Parisian stairs with Parisian chic

The Tara Jarmon women’s clothing boutique is located in the most iconic street in Paris, the Champs-Élysées. The main staircase – it’s one of three we made for the store – was specifically positioned to be highly visible from the street. The staircase makes a simple statement: ‘Come in and enjoy some stylish retail therapy, on more than one level!’ The stairs are almost entirely white, with glass balustrades, so that they don’t compete with the colours or details of the clothing.


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A truly elegant curve

At the Armani store in Amsterdam, the staircase is the height of refined elegance, rising in a helical curve whose beauty is created by only three materials: the steel stringers and handrail, the stone steps and risers, and the curved glass balustrades. There’s no glitzy detailing, because true style – whether in clothes or stairs – doesn’t need to shout: ‘Look at me!’ The stairs combine perfectly with the interior.


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London calling!

The design of the feature staircase at London’s Lacoste store was bold. The architects, DesignLSM, wanted a monolithic form, and we gave it to them – a staircase made of cast concrete. The challenge was to find a way to make the concrete elements so they wouldn’t be too heavy to transport or install. We did this by engineering the concrete to the slimmest sections possible, and preparing the stairs in two big segments. Looks easy, doesn’t it?


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These stairs are Boom’s bag

In Liege, Belgium, the stairs we made for the high-end luxury goods store Longchamp were designed by Longchamp in collaboration with Marcel Boom in an unusual way. The white-painted steel spine, with a perfectly smooth EeSoffit and integral stringers, is extremely narrow. This means that the wooden steps project out from the stringers, with the glass balustrades cutting through the ends of the treads. The visual effect is unique: the different parts of the staircase look simultaneously loose and precisely locked together.


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Just one more thing!

We’ve made hundreds of stairs of this refined design quality, and if you’ve enjoyed looking at these examples, we invite you to immerse yourself in our new book, Fifty Stairs. You can do so by reading the online edition or by ordering a copy of our beautiful book.

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