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How about stairs first, building second?

It’s not such a strange idea. If the stairs are big or have dramatic geometry they can become the architectural focal-point of a building. And sometimes, it’s necessary to install the stairs before the building is fully completed. In both cases, it’s stairs first, building second.

For example . . .

Super-heavy ‘swirl’ stairs

At the Samsung Experience Store in Toronto, the elliptical steel staircase has an 11ft deep steel smoke baffle which drops down from the ceiling to join the balustrade – the heaviest stairs EeStairs have made in North America. Our own installers marked out a precise 1:1 stair base position for the contractors and then craned the stairs into the building in sections. After that, the rest of the interior could be completed.

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Stairs + spiders = a great outcome!

At the One Bank tower in Canary Wharf, London, the challenge was literally huge. How could EeStairs deliver and install a very heavy three-storey steel spiral staircase in an atrium that narrowed at the top? The solution was to use a tower crane to bring sections of the staircase in at the building’s fifth floor and fix them to the floor structures using hoists, props, and spider cranes. The installation was as challenging as making these geometrically perfect stairs.

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De Eekhoorn’s statement stairs

The staircase at the headquarters of De Eekhoorn, a leading manufacturer of stylish contemporary furniture, was designed to make a big statement. They’re made of steel with a mixture of straight and curved sections, steps 2.5m wide, and a sheet-steel inner balustrade that continues seamlessly to form a balcony balustrade. The extremely heavy stair segments were delivered to site and welded together by EeStairs so that the weld lines didn’t show.

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Glass is the star in Belgium

The architecture of the Carglass headquarters at Hasselt, Belgium, is impressive. But, here, you can fairly say: stairs first, building second. Why? Because Carglass specialises in glass for vehicles, and the most striking use of glass in the building is undoubtedly the staircase in the reception area. The black glass balustrades rise seamlessly from black steel stringers – a perfect advertisement for Carglass quality.

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A tight (but beautiful) fit in the Hague

The staircase at the historic Bentinckhuis in the Hague, Holland, looks effortless – spiralling up six levels from the basement, with a very tight inner stringer, yet maintaining its perfect geometry. These are Wow Factor stairs. But EeStairs installers also said “Wow!” when working out how to get the stairs into the building. We made the stairs, cut them very precisely into ten sections, and craned them into the atrium. And then we welded the sections together seamlessly. Double Wow!

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Fifty Stairs by EeStairs

The most memorable feature stairs are always the product of excellent design, refined detailing, finely crafted materials, and perfect physical execution. At their best, there is only one word to describe feature stairs – beautiful.

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