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Why use stairs when it's quicker to use an escalator or elevator?

In a world where “quicker and easier” is the default way to move around, feature stairs are inspiring, not just architecturally, but in the way they make us experience our surroundings in a slower, more observant, and even more exciting way.

The sheer sensuality of feature stairs is another big plus. You can touch the surfaces of the glass, steel, concrete, or wood they’re made of. You’re close to every part of it, so you experience the way it was designed and made in a very intimate and detailed way. You can touch the balustrades with your hands. Your eyes notice the small details of surfaces, and the way different materials come together. You feel the stair-treads and landings under your feet. And, with every step, your view of the building you’re in changes.

EeStairs + Robert Kahn Architect PC
Cooper Barrel LLC - New York [US]

The stair features a solid steel plate balustrade finished in black matte, in addition to a riser that is exposed on its underside.

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EeStairs + Heren2 + MVSA
New Babylon, The Hague [NL]

A new Dutch government policy wants more buildings to be designed or re-used so that they encourage people to take more exercise.

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EeStairs + Quadri Fiore + Jim Clemes
Novartis, Rueil-Malmaison [FR]

The 8-tonne staircase rises in a single helical curve which then straightens in a long cantilever which connects to the mezzanine level.

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