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In the spotlight: The Tribune staircase

Taking staircase design to the next stage


Stage staircases, sometimes known as tribune staircases are the perfect example of a multifunctional staircase, allowing the movement of people between levels, but also encouraging communication, co-working and relaxation. The room created under the stairs can be used for storage.


We have designed, produced and installed stage staircases in a number of environments from public buildings that host significant amounts of footfall, to large office spaces - including our own headquarters.

Stage staircases shouldn’t only provide movement between floors, but act as genuine focal points within a space that also provide opportunities for conversation. And of course, because we design stairs with you or your client’s specific requirements in mind - the small details, features, materials and shape of the staircase are entirely your choice.

EeStairs + RAU,
Eosta, Waddinxveen [NL]

Eosta is a Netherlands-based international distributor of organic fruits and vegetables. The staircase connects the office’s ground floor with its first floor and acts as an ideal setting for casual meetings and collaborative working.

EeStairs + Concrete + Stephen B. Jacobs Group PC,
CitizenM NYC Bowery [US]

Hotel chain CitizenM was looking for an eye-catcher for the new hotel in the most important tourist area of New York. This is a good example of a multifunctional tribune staircase.

EeStairs + Gensler,
Edelman Victoria, London [UK]
Featured Projects

EeStairs + Cranbrook Basements,
Denbigh Close London [GB]

The double flight staircase features EeStairs’ unique Cells balustrade design and attractive timber treads which perfectly complement the home’s stylish interior.


EeStairs + Michel Gamard Architecture
Chalet Louibach à Gstaad [CH]

The staircases combines glass ‘floating’ treads with stylish stainless steel balustrade in a repeated pattern across the four floors in the property, connecting spaces in the home with effortlessly style.


EeStairs + Op ten Noort Blijdenstein
Westland Infra te Poeldijk [NL]

The concrete main staircase has been replaced by a contemporary one assembled in the EeStairs factory in Barneveld and made from steel with a wood and bamboo finish. This way of working is a lot more efficient, improves the quality of the finished product and makes installation easier.


EeStairs + RDAI + Gensler
Hermès Vancouver Store [CA]

The new Hermès store was designed by Parisian architecture agency RDAI in collaboration with Gensler. The two-level moulded concrete white terrazzo facade now dominates the busy Burrard and Georgia Street intersection.
Both levels are joined by a staircase in oak and glass with steps that “appear to float”, according to Hermès. The staircase was designed and built by EeStairs. On the back wall of the staircase is a Pegasus flying horse relief by French sculptor Christian Renonciat.

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