What gives the EeSoffit™ its strength and stability?

The top layer consists of a precise mixture of silica, water, and resin, which produces a hard finish with a range of motion of only 0.3%.

What are the advantages compared to plaster?

Plaster cracks and scratches easily, and the surfaces are rarely perfectly seamless — especially where the edges meet other materials. This doesn’t apply to the EeSoffit™. On curved stairs, the smoothness of the surface and the accuracy of the geometry and edges of the EeSoffit™ are visibly superior to plaster soffits.

Is the EeSoffit™ difficult to apply?

No, because these soffits are factory-prepared by EeStairs as part of our carefully on-site stair manufacturing and installation process.

Which paints can be used on the EeSoffit™?

We can apply any specified RAL color to the soffits, including a variety of paint finishes.