All questions are also answered in an interview with EeStairs' creative director Cornelis van Vlastuin below.

Can I get an accurate cost estimate before ordering 1m2™ stairs?

You can calculate the price using the online configurator. Click on 'Start configuration' at the top of the configurator page.

Do 1m2™ stairs have a handrail?

They can be supplied with or without a handrail. The tubular steel handrail rises helically around the slightly slanted central column. We always recommend a handrail as it offers greater support and comfort, particularly to users unfamiliar with space saving stairs in tight locations.

Where can 1m2™ stairs be installed?

Whether used as an attic staircase, a small spiral staircase to a mezzanine, or a basement staircase, the space-saving 1m2 staircase can be installed almost anywhere. All 1m2 staircases are tailor-made, and all that’s required is a stairwell plan of around 1000×1000mm. The maximum number of steps is 13.

How can 1m2™ stairs be customised?

There are options in terms of form and material, which means that you can create your own unique staircase. You can customise the colour, height, number of treads, and width of treads. The column and treads of the stairs are normally delivered as one complete structure, but there is also the option to specify the column in two parts, for assembly on site.

Do 1m2™ stairs comply with regulations?

The 1m2 stairs can satisfy regulations if used in legitimate limited space situations. It is not intended as a main staircase in a home, or for use in a commercial or public place. EeStairs’ Sales Advisors will provide advice relative to your specific circumstances.

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