The 1m2, a stylish space saver staircase stair design

EeStairs are a leading international specialist in designing, making, and installing feature staircases. They are innovators, and their in-house experts include engineers, designers, steel fabrication, and software programmers. They realised that more and more people wanted to maximise the space they could use in their homes and knew that a technically advanced space saver staircase design would be popular.

They also knew that designing staircases for small spaces presented a fundamental challenge: how can a narrow spiral staircase design have wide enough treads? And they discovered the answer: the treads would be wide enough if the staircase had a slightly slanted central column with a built-in handrail, and spiral steps.

EeStairs were determined to deliver the best narrow staircase design for small spaces. Their team knew that a truly compact staircase should be as light as possible, without sacrificing strength, so that the 1m2™ would be easy to deliver and install. They also ensured that the stylishly compact small stair design could be customised by end-users using the EeStairs online 1m2™ configurator, which also supplies cost and delivery details. 

Configure the 1m2™ staircases the way you want it!

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